Into The Cosmos

January 13, 2018
By ramenboikay BRONZE, Claremont, California
ramenboikay BRONZE, Claremont, California
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In lonely solitude, he rests his head
Underneath the light of the shining stars
His body still, unmoving on his bed
If he looked far enough, he could see Mars
Astronomy, his only true passion
All of the constellations in the sky
Whispering him sweet words of compassion
The only friends that haven’t said goodbye
The sadness he feels is beyond compare
A castle of glass, raw with emotions
Slowly drifting further into despair
Every day he just goes through the motions
Oh little sad boy, what is there to do
Know that the stars are always here for you

The author's comments:

Recently I had to read Romeo and Juliet for school, so I decided to take a crack at writing my own Shakespearean sonnet.

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