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Sunflower Adolescence

December 15, 2017
By Kate.writer BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Kate.writer BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Golden flecked sunflower petals stood tall
Swaying in the warm breeze, and dancing with
Crisp summer leaves, as they began to fall. 
Honey bees landed softly on the piths
Of each sunflower throughout the bright field.
I sat, resting my back against the trunk
Of a maple tree. Watching the clouds yield  
To the sun, I and the flowers were drunk 
On every bit of warmth we could scavenge.
Over time, the sun sank behind the hills,
And a brawling wind began to challenge
The strength of each flower, against their will.

Had I known that the sunflowers would die, 
I would have bid the sun one last goodbye.

The author's comments:

I originally wrote this piece to represent the loss of childlike wonder we all have or have had in our lives and see throughout, well most, children. The Sunflowers represent childhood and the sun represents wonder and bewilderment. In the beginning of my poem it sets the scene of a warm enviroment, just as we had once saw the world to be big, bright, and beautiful in our youth. The wind is a representation of adversities/crucibles that are in life, which can be the climax of our mentality finally reaching reality that the world is not as joyful and warm as we once percieved. Hence, why it challenged "the strength of each flower, against their will" because we all develop and reach to different things at a different pace, so some of us can feel at loss of their childhood (or feeling to have grown up too soon) due to our inevitable crucibles (whether we like it or not). Therefore, with my couplet that concludes my creative piece, it is not referring to suicide (as others have pressumed before). But, rather saying that if I had known my childhood (the sunflowers) would come to an end, and one very quickly, then I would have taken the time to say goodbye to my childlike wonder (again, the sun). Rather than feel as if I had been short changed and woke up one day to find that life is not so beautiful and I no longer have that light in my eyes as I had once grown accustomed to. Which, I feel like everyone has felt this loss in some way; of wanting to percieve and live life just as we once had in our youth (because we all have to grow up some time). But, I also believe in everyone having the freedom to interpret things in their own way, hence why this piece is also tagged as "Love/Relationships" since it could also be seen from that perspective and could involve your friends and family. I hope that this piece, just as it had for me, be something help process and maybe even mourn the things we don't always talk about in life. 

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