Crowned by Your Vicious Love

November 29, 2017
By joriclaire BRONZE, Vinita, Oklahoma
joriclaire BRONZE, Vinita, Oklahoma
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This game we play is a vicious race
Your hand connecting to my skin is a shocking, lingering slap
You behave at an ongoing, horrific pace
I move throughout my day in a haze until you snap


me back to reality. At the beginning of our waltz, I was crowned
by your love. Now you throw
Thrash, and tear your infamous pain--- regardless, I am bound.
Maybe tomorrow will be better, I hope, but I know


that is not the case. When will I admit
what hurts the most is the emotional brick
that you placed in my mind and soul. I will not commit
myself to the world as a helpless victim -- maybe I might in a tick


Sadly I won’t. I will let you destroy me and mow
Me down for another day -- or a year until you reach my toe

The author's comments:

My poem is a boutrime, so my classmate gave me very simple words to create a poem. However, I wanted to make my poem impactful so I turned the end line words I was given into something powerful. This poem was written for domestic violence awareness, and to shed the light on toxic relationships that many teens are a part of. I hope it inspires others to have value in who they are.

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