The Uncountable Dollar

October 31, 2017
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action SILVER, Morngenzon, Other
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What it brought to us was freedom.The way we used it was

good and made everyone happy.We were the top dogs in the

game of poverty.We thought money can buy anything even love

because we were blessers.We didn't bless only girls but we blessed

the whole country.


It brought respect and fame,everyone danced for our tune and

followed our lead.We truely lived the american way and never looked at the way we get the dollar.Nobody knew how we get the dollar because we covered our tracks.They say''hustlers know how to survive the roughness of life''but to us it was the opposite of that say.People were blinded by the dollar and could not see our true identinty.It made us to feel like super humans that made a change in a country.


We thought we living the good life and played our cards right.We thought we had everything and didn't see that it our enemy.It totally destroyed us and left us in jail.The truth is we never thought we would come to the end.It true when they say''All Good Things Come To An End''.

The author's comments:

this poem is dedicated to the people who do corruption and then think that justice will not be served.Remeber that everything has an end and you will never know when your end will be.

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