The Game

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

Once warmups starts, I get ready
I feel my heart beating steady
I show my flashy dunks to get the crowd roaring
I know I'm about to be scoring
I visualize all the moves and plays
And all of the scoring ways

Jumpball we get the tip
We start on fire off the rip
The opponent calls a timeout
From far off you can see them pout
Adrenaline is going through our veins
The plays are going through our brains

The game is going our way
We score off of coach's play
We all have to move the ball
If we don't: won't score at all
The crowd is cheering oh-so-loud
Making my team feel proud

We’re aflame up by a lot
The other team never had a shot
The game was never even close
So now we can really boast
Now we get ready for the next game
Hopefully, it will be the same!

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