Finding Mom

October 24, 2017
By HMC4202000 BRONZE, Plainfield, Indiana
HMC4202000 BRONZE, Plainfield, Indiana
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When she’s lost her soul, with nowhere to go,
she seeks the light, and a home for the night,
But she retracts into the murky tow,
That’s where it started the perilous fight,


unaware the drugs would consume her life,
Children to protect, two more mouths to feed,
Oblivious she would see this much strife,
She needed no help, relied on the speed,


A mothers love an unbreakable bond,
Breakable by a chemicals tight grip,
She left her kids for the breeze in the fronds,
She said she’d be back from the one-way trip,


Did you find your soul, or somewhere to stay?
Or did you look too hard and lose your way.

The author's comments:

My mother used to be a meth addict she went through a lot in her life. My older brother and I were specifically affected by some of her decisions, one of which was to leave me in Indiana and take my brother and live in California.

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