it(other-wise known as LOVE)

September 25, 2017
By sylviarose BRONZE, Bethany, Oklahoma
sylviarose BRONZE, Bethany, Oklahoma
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It started out soft

Like a slow melody

Then built up to the part

where the chorus breaks free


It brought me to life

Then it dug me a grave

That i’ll gladly lie in

if beside me you laid


It thrives in the deep

Where the ocean is black

And the sharks in our heart

begin to attack


But somehow I know

in the cold and the storm

It will not fail

to keep us warm


It’s impossible

For us to quit loving

Cause when the whole world stops

It's what keeps us running

The author's comments:

I am proud of this poem because I think everyone can relate to some part of it. I hope people will agree with the poem's piont, which is that our lives are centered around love. Love is simply the most powerful thing in the world. 

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