Let Me Be your Inspiration

September 5, 2017
By lexylove SILVER, None Ya, California
lexylove SILVER, None Ya, California
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Favorite Quote:
Some say it's holding on that makes us strong. But sometimes it takes so much more strength to just let go and move on.

Let me be your inspiration
That thing that drives your mind
Let me be that dedication
That tiny voice inside
Let me be that constant passion
That fleck of inner light
Let me be that determination
That breath inside your lungs
Let me be that meditation
That thought that keeps you young
Let me be your inspiration
Those thoughts that keep you warm
Those images that keep you going
Even when you’re torn
Let me be that rapid action
That takes over when your done
Let me be that slow addiction
That makes you drives you most insane
Let me be that one creation
That brings down all the rain
Let me be that cause of elation
That ever-present thought
Let me be that standing ovation
That praise you’ve always sought
Let me be your inspiration
That makes you feel alive
That one thing that you can’t let go of
That one who helps you thrive

The author's comments:

I can only hope I can be this for all those I encounter...

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