Moonlight's Gaze

July 6, 2017
By OrangeyEmpress BRONZE, El Cajon, California
OrangeyEmpress BRONZE, El Cajon, California
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Favorite Quote:
“Which is the true nightmare, the horrific dream that you have in your sleep or the dissatisfied reality that awaits you when you awake?”
― Justin Alcala

Mysterious moon so bright
Watching from up above in the dead of night
You shine your bright light
So we can have sight
Your comforting gaze
Brings my mind to a slight haze
At night we go walking
Away from all the mocking
Above is where you’ll stay
You keep telling us it’s going to be OK
That lonely path we take in secret
We shy out of the light as we show our meekness
Yet all our effort of solitude is seedless
The moon knows all our secrets
It’ll stay by our side
So we can finally have a chance to confide

The author's comments:

This was a piece I wrote for a school project. Though I have to say that with any of my work you will always see a piece of me. My works are many stories I like to tell both fictional and real

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