Shades of Me

June 19, 2017
By Todoroki BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
Todoroki BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
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I see three colors or rather I see three shades
All the same but also not quite the same
Two remain strong in my mind but the last one fades
I’m incapable of holding on, man how lame

White, black, and grey each a piece of my past as well as present
The white and black forever at odds
But their span long since over all that remains is what they’ve lent
Grey forges on, an existence that defies even the gods

Grey is I and I am grey the culmination of my white to black past
Not quite in the dark but not in the light
I remain dull and withered not sure how long I’ll last
But even still I won’t give up the fight

For the kid drenched in light and the teen drowning in dark
I will live on protecting what they left in this world, their mark

The author's comments:

This piece symbolizes me as a person. Sometimes you just feel the need to write and this time I wanted to write about myself.

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