A Solitary Solar System

June 1, 2017
By LavenderGrey BRONZE, Sebastopol, California
LavenderGrey BRONZE, Sebastopol, California
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Of course the moon can make you feel this way, 

When you awake to see the planets turn. 

There is a sense of safety in the day, 

When warmth and light can spill from Sun's harsh burn, 

And flood my mind, to dull the aching pain. 

Perhaps the worst of all is not the dark. 

Perhaps the quiet air without the rain

Allows for you in thoughts to come so stark.

I'll kindly enter in, your faith won't shake, 

No matter how I rattle hard your soul. 

With piercing thoughts, faith gone, my morals quake. 

A lack of trust has taken final toll.

For truth, I don't deserve at all your time, 

But you, oh you, do you deserve all mine?

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