The Shooting

May 12, 2017
By , El Paso, TX

One guy and one lady, skinny and stout,
They yell at each other, I don’t know what it’s about.
I go into a store, and as I go through the door,
Everyone gets down, down to the floor.
It’s dark and it’s cold, in the middle of the night,
One guy and one lady, start a gun fight.
Face to face they look at each other,
Drew their swords and “boom”, they shot each other.
I get down to the floor, I’m drowning in sorrow,
I see injured people, I won’t see tomorrow.
Scared spouse seems to be in trouble,
Her husband’s been shot, and he starts to crumble.
Carried death, the cold breeze that blew,
As he entered a deep dreamless sleep, so cruel.
One guy and one lady started this mess,
And they ended up taking their own lives, nether less.
I’ve been fighting to get those memories away,
But I still carry the shooting with me, today.

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