Love to Home

May 12, 2017
By tony80233 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
tony80233 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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You are my life, without you I will die

You stay on a hill, every day, all day

You hold my bed and every day I lye

Sometimes you store food for my animals like hay

You live by the sun because you are big

You are like a mansion on this big hill

You hold animals like horses, sheep, and pigs

You are so big that you seem to stay still

You stare down the city like a god in heaven

And you stare down as you see my friend Nate

And you stare down as you see my friend Keven

As were in your living room we are great

At the end of the day you seem to sleep

As I stare down the hill it seems so steep

The author's comments:

The type of poem I did was a sonnet to my house. I choose to do this because I wanted to talk about my house inside a poem. The reason why I did a rhyme at the end of my sentences was because I wanted to make my poem more interesting and in a sonnet there is the rhyme we have to do which is ABABCDCDEFEFGG.

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