May 8, 2017
By KamrynB BRONZE, Meridian, Idaho
KamrynB BRONZE, Meridian, Idaho
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I am born with a smile,

from the twinkle of an eye,

I might stay for a while,

for be a fake and a lie.


I am used for cruel insults,

when people hurt another,

this does not have good results,

"So why do we do it?" they wonder.


Because, there is a bright side,

I'm not always used in that way,

I bring that smile clear and wide,

during night as well as day.


I am good: the start of friends,

starting inside and spreading out,

I am memories that will never end,

I am laughter, there's no doubt.

The author's comments:

Laughter is a powerful and contagious thing. I had been thinking about it and the impact we have from it, so I decided to write somehting about it. Laughing with my friends and family is one of my favorite things to do, and I hope everyone will use the joy of laughter not to harm others, but to laugh with them.

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