The Hilltop

April 10, 2017

The Hilltop

The dizzy, white blur,
Overlooking the valley,
Chills me to the bone,
The panoramic view inspires surely,
For the anxiety of height, there is a cure,
But do not be hesitant to groan,

Today is my peak, on this peak,
“I’ve com so far!” I speak,
Look at me now grandma,
I only wish my mother could hear,
My heart feels like asthma,
But I fight the approaching despair,
I dedicate my success to her fair,

This is a God given moment,
In my history to date,
That’s when I feel my foot slip,
I hear the break in my saftey clip,
I fall far at a ferocious rate,
I scream and cry thinking I am to die,
I tuck myself as hard as possible,
“This must be it.” I sigh,

By some sort of miracle I awake,
I can feel my hands, this isn’t fake,
I came out completely unscathed,
I knew God had blessed me that day,
Then I had traveled home,
For a quiet life, to sit and pray,
Gone is my desire to roam,
Take comfort and love in being saved.

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