The Sad Side Of Love

April 4, 2017

There is the sad side of love
but we still put ourselves through the torturous cycle
just because we are sick of
being alone, that vile
sadness that comes with loneliness
some people would like nothing more than to never experience that
The is a sense of completion when you have a companion, a sense of wholeness
But it has to be the right person, you don't want a robot,
someone who is emotionless and doesn’t care about much
you want someone who loves you, someone that will distract you from that dreadful sad side
some will say that there won’t be a sad side if you clutch
onto the right person at the right time, but the circumstances have to work well, everything has to be magnified
The sad side to love is unavoidable
but we still try to enjoy it double.

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