the one

March 29, 2017
By elijahreed BRONZE, Paragould,AR, Arkansas
elijahreed BRONZE, Paragould,AR, Arkansas
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There once was a men who had fell in love.

With a women with long golden brown hair.

Who came from a mysical azure cove.

A women who is courageosly fair.


Her love is so stong it can mend your soul.

Her beauty is like a sunny summers day.

Like thread to a cloth it can mend a hole.

Her magnificence is like a suns ray.


All day her love I will be receiving.

She is so perfect the love of my life.

Without her a day is so deceiving.

Without my love I would be in a strife.


Without you I have no meaning at all.

To not have you the sky would start to fall.

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