One of the Guys

March 28, 2017

One of the Guys

A table filled with 12 guys and 1 girl,
A funny sight to see.
This is how i spend my lunch every single
day of the year.

Food throwing to the lewd innuendos,
It”s just a typical day, as one of the guys.
Number of times girls ask why i would hangout
With so many.

“Is it because you're desperate?”
Or “Are you lesbian?”
Which none are even close to the truth.
I have plenty of “girlfriend”.

I’m the Donna Pinciotti of my favorite boy group.
I enjoy being one of the guys.
I study their behavior, searching maybe for
A possible love interest.

Sometimes it's not that easy. With every greeting,
“Hey dude” or “Hey man”. Like nails being hammered
Into a hollowed out board. Going straight in

As reality sinks in, i scream in my head.
“HEY IM A GIRL”, but no one hears me.
Rough housing becomes dangerous
Wondering if that's gonna hurt later.

A painted face, but your clothes represent you.
Comfortable and loose, a guy's style.
Where my genders preferred style is tight and cute.
Uncomfortable for a girl like me. Still one of the guys

No guy wants to be with you. when you have
A Troy army behind you. A primadonna fighting
To the front of the line. I am provided worthy of the
Cause, but i will always be one of the guys.

The author's comments:

I was inspired buy personal everyday events

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