The Lost Shelter

March 25, 2017
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In the darkness of night and black sky
With no moon, a few stars spark
A few chirping birds and a howling owl
Tears in her eyes and warmth in heart
With pondering heart and wet eyes
Thousands of memories in her mind
Thinks of her father and she cries
How he died, shrouded and buried
Makes her eyes hot and wet
His smile and love when he’s alive
And the fun which they had
All those days that started with love
And those noon with smile and laughter
She wiped her face that turned red
Closed her eyes and leaned on dresser
A glimpse of him appeared in thoughts
Her crying face and his shoulder
Her shedding eyes and his hand
His presence for her was like a shelter
His painful legs and her hands
His sweating face and tiring head
She turned to clock, it speaks three
Holding her head in her hands
She had glance over nineteen years
Those lucky days, when they were together
From “I love you” till “I miss you”
Nothing can bring back her father

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