A Haunting Choice

March 24, 2017
By Anonymous

Deep inside the cold black city stood a building filled with pity
For a man who’s forced to choose between two things that he must lose.
Sadly a choice must be made between his spouse and high pay grade
He sits outside while feeling blue, thinking about all that he could lose
“My job or my wife, how can i choose? Please god, I must see your views!”
And then he heard a haunting coo.

As he looked up filled with wonder an owl tore the night asunder.
It lit upon a stately roost and gave his confidence a boost
“I’m saved!” he cried, “for owls mean wisdom! How lucky I am for this bird to come
“And show me such a helpful message!” He lept up when he heard this news
And rushed inside to share his views, with wisdom did his job he choose
Still he heard the haunting coo.

His marriage ended on that night, for it was his job that started the fight
It took his time away from her, a thing she couldn’t bear to lose.
He was happy for a while, living in his sweet denial
But soon he realized of the two he took the choice that made him blue
And sitting in his misery, his anger then came up to ooze
Taunted by the haunting coo.

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