Brown Locks

February 19, 2017
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When she does see him walk so near, those eyes
then glaze. The mind, abnormal for her to sway,
each time protect by entry of none, will lie
and gapes to him like church on dawn of Sundays.
Her frame, unaware of demand to stay upright,
then moves in fresh and pristine maladroit of manner.
How brisk her ticker then beats, as if that light
flicked on inside is now to see in a blur.
Her breath was took from she when pass him by,
Those eyes met hers, small smile to greet she.
How chills had spread down to her spine. But thy
mind, entrapped, unswayed by his brown locks, was free
when notice how maidens of all did alike by him,
And questioned how locks of regal gave her this whim.

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Lemonhead33 said...
Feb. 22 at 5:29 am
Love this!!
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