Life changes as day goes

February 8, 2017
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I was very young,
Everything was different…
Mostly school
Everything was just not the same,
For some reason.
I was feeling embarrassed

By the clothes I used to wear,
By the short length of my hair,
By the backpack I had, and
By the shoes I wore.

On the first day of school,
I wore some weird jeans,
With the shirt that said “Hannah Montana” on it,
While the other girls were wearing dresses.

I bet when everyone looked at me,
They probably said “Ewww.”
Also, because of the way I did not know that much English,
People were trying to talk to me,
Trying to help me out.
They were trying to figure out if I knew what they were saying,
Trying to talk to me.

As time went by,
I started to learn English, and
could also understand what they were saying to me.
I did not really talk much at school,
I am a whole new person at home
And at school.
I am open to the people I talk to everyday,
But at school meeting new people and talking to them makes me nervous.

I talk a lot at home and at school I am just quiet.
I wish I was not the shy kid at the back of the class.
I wish I was more talkative like people in my grade.
I feel like I am a wallpaper,
You see me but you don’t notice.

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