About Last Night

January 23, 2017
By Johmar BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Johmar BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Last Night I heard a loud, mysterious, frightful crash
Boom, bam, bang is what came from the outside
I looked around and got up in a dash
I saw nothing, so all I did was subside

It was the next night, I heard it again
As I looked around my room it was dark
I just wish for this to be a pretend
Possibly the new myth called a cow-shark

What is a cow-shark a shark or a cow?
Oh no, I hear the noise from a distance
It’s closer, the door blasted open, POW!
I was in shock I couldn’t take it in!

I looked at it, it came closer, closer.
It shows! Oh… It’s my dad with his lawnmower.

The author's comments:

My sonnet is about an odd night that has taken place. What is causing this frightful night? Read, and you will find out. 

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