January 20, 2017

Day One, Donasaurus T. Rump set foot on Earth
Said “Let there be hate and fear”
The cavemen immediately turned on each other
So boy did it appear

The caves were dark and cold
And people bare and starving
The T. Rump entered, he tsk-tsked
And said “Boy this is alarming”

Donasaurus gave them promises
Donasaurus gave them meats
Donasaurus said, “Put your faith in me
You’ll get all kinds of treats”

The poor primitives wanted change
And the Donasaurus could give it
But Glinda the Glossy Good Witch
Appeared to them and tried to forbid it

She said, “Please, all of you, vote for me
The Donasaurus is out of control
He’ll get nothing accomplished
That is simply how he rolls!”

The cavemen did not want to listen
They liked his tasty treats
So they elected the Donasaurus
To the House with all seats

But what about the cavegirls
That, yes, had messy hair
And what about the natives
What about the air

What about the darker tribes
What about their land?
And cavemen that wanted to love cavemen
Where would all this stand?

What do conservatives conserve anyway?
All they do is talk
Preservatives aim to protect something precious
Conservatives roll back the rock

But we must concede graciously
No matter how wrought and distraught
Though T. Rump is a saurus of “--isms” and “nos”
It’s what Glinda the Glossy would want


R.I.P Obama’s Presidency :(

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