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November 29, 2016
By ElizabethGin BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
ElizabethGin BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
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Bubbles and bubbles they form as you swim
I love to watch you as you play around
The water is filled to the very brim
The colorful rocks that are on the ground
My favorite fish, you mean the world to me
Even if they say you’re not the best pet
At least you’re better than a bumble bee
I am so very happy we have met
I want to thank you, my little fish friend
For a wondrous time you have given me
Perhaps one day one day you will become a trend
And then everyone will just have to see
That a fish is just as good of a pal
As a close loved one you would call “your gal”

The author's comments:

I am in love with my goldfish and was inspired to write a poem about him for my English class. His name is Jacob, and I am so glad I have him.

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