September 22, 2016


Affixed on a beauty’s bounty,
with eyes captured on winter’s luminescence,
Her gentle heart and spirit appeased to God who granted such divine characteristic,
Those who tell of heartfelt tales of the beholder’s admiration had not witnessed the essence,
Of a fair maiden’s psychedelic stare so smitten,
with irises of an iceberg blue mystic,
The sheath of her scabbard,
flawless and non eroded,
only adorns a personality so pleasant,
a glistening deformity in a crop of average where those untouched by miracles are left simplistic,
So pure her skin of ivory indulgence,
that glow beside her scalp of amber resin,
Where a suitor may glimpse and become awestruck at the glinting features all in an instant.
Men have drowned in rich laughter from velvet lips,
or smothered by her angelic kiss,
And it is foretold that woeful cries of constrained men are emitted in her perfect presence,
Women envy the girl where beautiful cannot describe the artful outward decoration of the miss,
with an intimidating cobalt stare and lustrous auburn hair,
she remains beauty’s prime residence,
Every man with the grace to see her becomes simply enamored with the stunning,
bright vision,
Her personality and shimmering qualities are enough to provide the necessary provision.

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