August 9, 2016

When I fell, I was the boy people knew

But me? I thought I was the boy who flew

Because people said "he should've listened to his father"

But I was busy pushing the human race farther


Now, Oedipus, there's a sucker

He literally invented the term motherf-

You see Oedipus was a victim of fate, he ignored the signs

My fate? Yeah, I created mine


When we were kids, they said "reach for the stars"

But they'll fear you if you go too far

Because I, well I just reached for one

And yeah, I guess it was the sun


So I strapped on wings, of feather and wax

Unaware of the price or the tax

I soared high and hovered low

I felt the sun stream on my back... and my brow furrowed


Because the wax melted, and the feathers scattered

I struck the water, and my bones shattered

So I became a warning, the boy people knew

But what I know, and I hope you do too


Is that I died as the boy who flew

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