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I Call Myself A Genius Because I Don't Think Like You

You think in straight lines and patterns which are always borrowed
You call yourself an artist but you can only recreate
Effigies that have always been repeated morse code
You have never questioned how the leaders operate
Your thoughts never alternate, explicate, or deviate
I think in rainbow loops and the brightest complex unknowns
I paint pictures in my mind with expensive oils and stippled hate
I will write haikus instead of listening to your disdainful drones
I hear numbers with colors and I feel life in my bones
Though my works will not fit the rules
And although, again and again, I will fail alone-
I can imagine beauty such that would turn all to fools
So your arrow may have landed perfectly
But my arrow hit a target that you cannot even see

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pineappler03 said...
today at 9:34 pm
SO creative! Plus the word choice was amazing!!!
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