The Descent

January 17, 2016
By Northwind89 BRONZE, Bozeman, Montana
Northwind89 BRONZE, Bozeman, Montana
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The creaky steps that lead to hell
The iron bars across their cells
Their twisted smiles carved in stone
support the black obsidian throne
Eternal night with plastic stars
Perfect people, internal scars
As above so below
With each death his Kingdom grows
The demons inside plot our end
While the children above play pretend
We sit by the fire as cold as ice
While the Gods above play a game of dice
Live or die it's all the same
To those above its just game
They throw their pawns across the board
Pointless slaughter by edge of the sword
And still we fight the endless fight
And hear no voice when we pray at night
One day soon we'll hear the tolling of the bells
And descend the creaky steps that lead to hellĀ 

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