The cycle

January 14, 2016
By SomeoneOnTheInterWeb BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
SomeoneOnTheInterWeb BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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Writing is my drug, so let me get high

There’s a eternal beauty, everlasting
The sands of time haven't even scratch it
Forever burning with a fiery passion
It's golden rays forever being emit

Being forever followed by a sliver globe
Forever in scars, dreamed of being touched
Till the end Humanity forever strobe 
To be the first to touch then forever untouched

The eternal  cycle starts with pools of orange
Followed by burst of red as hot as lava
When it dies; followed by an ashy torrent
When it restarts it’s like a bolt of Java

There's an elusive beauty to be found
Forever looping in a everlasting background

The author's comments:

Not following perfect iambic pentameter, but instead 10/11 syllables per line.

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