Who Do You Live For?

November 11, 2013
By Jonno57 GOLD, Fairbury, Illinois
Jonno57 GOLD, Fairbury, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out

Why do we seek the Approval of another?
There is no real meaning, no none.
We try and try to the point of Forsaking a Brother.
Always trying till the task we think is done.
Leaving behind those who actually care,
To bequaint those who are socially accepted.
Lurking around for those who dare,
Is the haunting Fear of becoming the rejected.
We walk the halls with the buoyancy to fly
And yet sink with a heart full of neglect
A life with a mask ends in the train wreck.
I’d rather live mine with the will to die

Are you the who of which you live for?

Or is selfishness what you crave more?

The author's comments:
I see in so many people's eyes all of their pathetic lies the hind behind. they create an image of themselves that is anything but their "realself"

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