The Ebony Curse

June 13, 2013
Something that they say I should wear like I’m proud
But I try to hide like an introvert in a crowd
I hope someday it goes away
Or at least mellows out to a dull gray
I try to be happy
Or at least for a while
I can’t keep hiding this horrible tint under a bright smile
Why couldn’t I be born the pearl-skinned one?
With hair straight and golden
I wouldn’t care if it couldn’t be undone!
I fantasize about being a pure being
Walking around with a certain pride
Like a father feels after giving away the bride
Why can’t I be the color of an ivory lily?
Not a color of a burnt chili
I want to be…perfect.

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nono-baby said...
Jun. 20, 2013 at 8:52 am
you are beautiful in every way thats possible.... the darker the berry the sweeter the juice...... and being a different race is not going to bring you succses.... you got to keep your head up
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