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March 21, 2013
By kidlet612 PLATINUM, Sterling Heights, Michigan
kidlet612 PLATINUM, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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Its a secret little place
In a hidden part of town
Its been abandoned and deserted
Not a soul comes around

Its a creepy little place
Its appearance is eerie
Its covered in overgrowth
The entanglement shouts
Dont you dare come near me

But i am not afraid
Not of this long forgotten park
I find beauty here
Its peaceful in the dark

I come here each night
Climb my way through the vines
Crawl over the gate
Sneak past closed and condemned signs

I dont have to go very far
What im here for sits right in front
Ill slip into the saddle of a painted porcelain pony
Grab hold of the pole now covered in rust

Ive always loved carousels
Its a shame they closed this one down
I used to come here every summer
Watched the world go round and round

But i grew up
Grew older
This once joyful place lost almost all its visitors
This place became somehow colder

Its still a favorite place of mine
I dont see it for what it has become
Because as i sit here on this merry go round
Im five years old, life is still fun.

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