insomnia. insomnis.

March 19, 2013
By thenaturalmystic PLATINUM, Tomah, Wisconsin
thenaturalmystic PLATINUM, Tomah, Wisconsin
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"thunder only happens when its raining players only love you when they're playing"

Torn between worlds,
Should I stay or should I go?
Body going numb, hands tingling-
-arms hurting, lying under my head….

Almost there, yet not quite,
I cannot leave in my plight…
The edges of my eyes are burning-
-ready to flow into sleeps everlasting, awaiting caress…

Noises in the background,
Keep me up, leave me up…
Ticking like a steady heartbeat, maybe sands in the hourglass-
-or Chinese water torture….

Get up, drink water,
Feel sick all over…
Being awake feels worse-
-but just lying there is no better…

Crawl back to bed,
Four: ten a.m. …
Have to wake up at six-
-and I can’t sleep on this bed of stone…

Insomnia rampant,
I finally understand the definition…
Agrupnos, I have failed at this task completely,
Insomnis, yet I have won at this…


The author's comments:
have you ever awoken upon the witching hours? never being able to fall back to sleep until it is too late? until it just wont matter, you're going to be tired anyway right? that is what this all about. from start to finish...

remember that phrase? u can sleep when your dead.. that is what this is really all about.

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