insomnia. insomnis.

March 19, 2013
Torn between worlds,
Should I stay or should I go?
Body going numb, hands tingling-
-arms hurting, lying under my head….

Almost there, yet not quite,
I cannot leave in my plight…
The edges of my eyes are burning-
-ready to flow into sleeps everlasting, awaiting caress…

Noises in the background,
Keep me up, leave me up…
Ticking like a steady heartbeat, maybe sands in the hourglass-
-or Chinese water torture….

Get up, drink water,
Feel sick all over…
Being awake feels worse-
-but just lying there is no better…

Crawl back to bed,
Four: ten a.m. …
Have to wake up at six-
-and I can’t sleep on this bed of stone…

Insomnia rampant,
I finally understand the definition…
Agrupnos, I have failed at this task completely,
Insomnis, yet I have won at this…


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