Purple Rain

January 30, 2013
Purple Rain is like the color gray
purple rain is everyday
purple rain is a beautiful shade
giving us all the amazing good grace
purple rain falls everyday covering the world with god's good grace
purple rain is like the thing everyone everyday looks forward to because it cleanses the world of amazing beauty in the light and in the night
God blessed us all with purple rain for clearing the earth of all it's bad disgrace making it with good grace is always a blessing from the god his name
purple rain is an amazing grace, It's fun to run and play in
it gives us the amazing gifts we see today and what we see tomorrow
purple rain is like the color gray because it tries to keep us safe
purple rain is here everyday and every night to keep us warm and safe
that's God's amazing grace with purple rain
purple rain is here to stay and we all feel safe until the night ends, we sleep to the sound of purple rain with good grace

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