January 24, 2013
By , lacey, WA
I seem to lose control
She is my everything
Addiction has a hold on me
I never had a choice
I need to get away

She always gets her way
She has to be in control
At all times stupid cocaine
Body mind money ahh everything
She takes it all I have no choice
She haunts me

She makes me go up then makes me
Go down the sneaks her way back up my nose she always gets her way
I have no choice yet she is my control
My control of how high how much, everything
She is a beautiful white girl with an ugly name cocaine

It’s a love hate relations ship we have cocaine
And me
She ruins everything
I wish she would go far away
Where she would have no control
Where I’d have the choice
I am fighting for the choice
To do or not to do cocaine
To keep or lose control
It would be all up to me
I’d have my way
With everything

You are no longer my everything
I have the choice
Get high? NO WAY
F*** your miss. Cocaine
Addiction no longer had a hold on me
I am in control

I have control
I can finally be me
I no longer associate with cocaine

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