Modified Sonnet 1

December 12, 2012
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Yet you betray me, oh caressing eyes
to glance upon which thou cannot attain
Surely unto which creature love yet dies
But what weapon do you plot my hear maim
is it wonder, persuasion and clever sort
or is it plucked by cupids nimble lust
pray what arrow brings about the court
and entwines into my ashes whose dust?
yet you turn from my devotion oh fair,
woe scheme against my beat heart vain thing
from thy harvest basket bring sorrow bare
and entice me from the sweet church bells ring
cruel postpone my burning love to the morrow
thou art a beast who thinks me credulous
from whom my adoration you borrow
who brings that sight that is only tenuous
yet shut thy lids and embark from your sin
and leave me to ponder what might have been.

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