A poem, a rap, a rhyme for RYLA

November 4, 2012
For four days of the summer I went to a camp.
Where I learned to be a leader and came back a champ.

Met so many new people and gain many more friends.
Still having fun because RYLA time never ends

Got a reason to thank, got a reason to bless.
After getting all the bad feelings off of my chest

When we need to get real pump we just ride that pony.
With these beautiful people, I don't need to be phony.

Leaving many notes like: "You're so pretty."
Ask and give numbers, so "Call me maybe."

Getting up on a chair, “Can I get a standing ovation?"
United together we're a powerful nation.

As the end came to view so many tears fell.
I'm glad to have gotten to know you all so well.

Cause no matter where we end up or where we go.
Remember that "WE RUN THIS SHOW!"

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