Dear Juliet

October 18, 2012
By Anonymous

What maudlins hearken that love abounds with such visceral sounds
from smiling and walking and so sweetly talking and hoping and praying for your reciprocating
of these limerent emotions I know we've both felt and for a stop to the runaround
game that you've dealt, and a return to the days when I could never humiliate
myself with my words and you sought out my companionship and our talking in turns;
Dried up in the sun like dew in the grass your feelings for me simply never last
yet your smile is my life and I'll be living quite long while I concern
for you again seeking my time but now with the rain and the wind driving past,
with your lengthening strides and my increasing gaffs although you know how
I feel about you and you know that I know that you've felt that way too;
With and end to Mardi-Gras of late February and the third quarter, now
there isn't really much I can do save take a bow and save all the feelings that were passingly true;
And now as we've come to the end of the year, something has changed to leave the best
and to finally let go and forget my dear Juliet.

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