Cold and Warm, the Legacy Dies

September 11, 2012
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Early spring, as the ship wades foreword
Gentle sting, off the icy breeze
The air is fresh, unlike the cities
It is strong with zest, from the kitchen floor

Loud and triumphant, song from the ball’s
I sit recumbent, in peaceful contempt
I am not rich, or from proud heritage
But my heart is strong, noble, for one

I am just a swab, cleaning the deck
I am not a snob, like those who dance inside
I am not drinking, my youth away
But I can’t stop thinking, thinking all day

The ship, she is injured
Hit by thin air, or water?
Panic rises, as the captain calls
Panic rises, as the ship falls

The floods on deck are not of water
But of people desperate to get away
Pushing against the tides, I get inside
I remember it, as if a play

The door is open, and there they lie
My friend, my lover, ready to die
I reach out my hand, coil it around there’s
As we make our way up, the ships wet stairs

The craven captain, how dare he
Leaving his ship, in misery
My hand was warm, but now so cold
As I watch my lover, away as they go

Fear reaches me, like all others
There is no other way, to avoid cold Dover’s
And so I weep, as I cannot be free
And begin to sink, beneath the sea

The water is cold, harsh and cruel
But I know I was not a fool
My body freezes, blue as the sea
But my heart is warm, for my lover is free

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