Walk With Me to Eternity

September 8, 2012
By WhiteHart PLATINUM, Newberry, Florida
WhiteHart PLATINUM, Newberry, Florida
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Paroxysms of sickening despair
With shadows overlap the sunlight’s gaze,
And while I wait in anguish for somewhere
I long for tender hearts and love’s embrace.
Could any beauty venture to contrast
Its shallow self with genuine concern?
I wonder who mistakes it for what lasts
And never stops to seek wisdom and learn
Come with me to eternity, my love,
And we shall walk the dream that fills our minds.
With love and grace that’s softer than a dove,
Our lives themselves will on a day unwind.

For we will wish for someday nothing more,

And life will seem much simpler than before.

The author's comments:
This is a Shakespearean sonnet. I followed all the rules, even the syllables and accents and rhyme pattern. This isn't about romance, by the way. Love can exist without romance.

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