July 3, 2012
By Tuff_One SILVER, South Elgin, Illinois
Tuff_One SILVER, South Elgin, Illinois
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I need to tell you these words now,
Before you go and tell yourself out.
I just split with the one I thought I knew,
Because I realized that the person wasn't you.
If you could see the things that I could see,
You would be a bitter man, being too much for me.

You are enough to make my heart whole,
But, instead, you leave, in my heart, a giant hole.

It's okay, I can believe that you're not here,
Because my patience can be stretched to hazardous fears.
Shall I state the description of the apple of my eye?
I will, so you sit still, and watch as I cry.

Your pair of brown Suns have escaped the universe,
And your pride landed on my converse.
According to you, clammy palms scare everyone away,
I'm still here, and I'm willing to stay.
Your doubts thickened as well as your hair,
It grew longer, it grew with despair.
I guess this is getting old,
But I didn't expect fate to just shine the light on you and yell, "Behold!"

We won't find anybody else in our lives,
Because we are blind and have each other for wives.
I don't even believe those words,
But I feel them in my heart (I know this is absurd).

I know this is wrong,
But this is yours.
I know this is wrong,
But this heart is yours.

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