Highs and Highs!

July 6, 2012
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The supreme trick of life,
Is to be happy all the way,
Even if you have failed somewhere,
Or have lost where your goal lay.

It’s all in your brain, you know,
It’s all in the way you think,
Even in down you can find ups,
Once you join everything by link.

There’s nothing in your life that,
Doesn’t have something good in it,
No use getting depressed, don’t lose hope,
And your path again will be lit!

Even if you hit the rock bottom,
You got to think it this way,
I can’t go down anymore,
So, I’ll come up any day!

You may lose the one you loved,
Or may regret what you have done,
That’s a test, conquer it!
In tragedy have bits of fun!

People say, life’s full of highs and lows,
But I say, that’s all lies,
Coz if you think properly, you’ll find,
Life’s full of highs and highs!

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