Changing Lanes

July 4, 2012
Can I be someone else?
Do I have to be what they say?
Is it possible to change lanes?
Do they even know how much this pains?

Sharp words pierce through my flesh
Leaving unseen jagged wounds
Each word cutting deeper than before
The pain grows stronger evermore

Hiding the hurt with a plastic smile
And pretending the cuts don’t sting
I attempt to block out the words they say,
But fail to see myself any other way.

Believe me when I say I dream of changing lanes
As eyes full of tears glitter in the bright sunlight
“How can something I can not see
Be the thing that is the death of me?”

Forever locked inside a box
That is marked “Perfidy” and “Pain”
Is this my fate? Forever bound?
I envy those who can turn around.

No one can see I’m suffering
So I cover my wounds and pray
“Please take away my sorrow, take away my pain,
Please help me change into the heavenly lane.”

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