June 15, 2012
Your heart fell and shattered on the ground,
I walked away leaving you to mourn alone,
The world won't stop spinning around,
It won't let me catch up,
The world hates me now for the pain I gave,
So it simply took over,
Now I'm it's slave,
It allows no breaks or free time,
It won't let me shed a tear,
Death would be bliss,
Life is my biggest fear,
Now that I'm frozen in pain,
I can't seem to heal,
I can't reach happiness,
Because it isn't real,
It's just an illusion in my world,
It's just a cruel joke,
I look back on what I did,
The cruelty makes me choke,
No one should cry alone,
No one should be left behind,
But it's too late to fix it,
Time doesn't rewind.

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