Life's Survival game

June 4, 2012
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I would love someday to meet you,
Would you like to meet me too?
Deep down inside look for me
You'll find me in a place you'll never see
Deeper than your fears, deeper than your dreams
At the left side of the bottom
Where all things random
And where confidence dwells
I'm your extension
Somehow I'm real and you're one dimension
But I see you sitting losing something per day
Just because you're losing doesn’t mean you're stray
You're me and I've got your back and you've got mine
Us against the world and eventually we'll be fine
Life's too short to count on anybody but yourself
Because it's going to be a long journey of disappointment
Hold your grip and a person must count on his oneself
Because you're your own healing ointment
I see you blue and it affects me deeper that you feel
Everything is apparent no matter what you conceal
Life taught us to be strong and always to fake a smile
I know, I was with you all the way until the little things turned into a rile
Sometimes you just have to plug your ears
Hold yourself together and wipe your own tears
Life will push you to the limits and try to tear you down
Fight back and never ever wear a frown
Life is but a silly game
Everyone has a different story a different name
But look closer we all are the same
Dolls living our lives life's way
There's those who ossify then life put them aside and there's those who sway
Look closer and you'll see
Those who live in kingdom no different than me
Those who lives in the streets no different than me
We all living a big silly game so called survival
Passengers waiting for the arrival
So don't you take life seriously, because it's not taking us too
You're on your own and you have to push through
But you could ease your pain by being your own cure
You don't have to be unhappy; life doesn't deserve it for sure
Start today being your own helping hand
And that's the way you'll certainly know where you'll stand
Against any storm no matter how hard is the life's slug
Put your head on your shoulder and you just gave yourself a free hug

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