A Winter's Parasol

May 28, 2012
In reverie’s cadence, a debonair nymph waltz I concede
Hazel-freckled sloes pirouette upon bone white snow
Scintillating silvery locks, intangible agreed
Here, here elfin fingers twirl themselves too and fro

Weaving verses sewn with melody’s pins
Spun from wondrous lips of shivering memories
My hairy heart resonate such capricious whims
Here, here a genuine lass wandering in winter’s unwritten diary

The tattered parasol whirls and felt by me fitting
Uttering a kindred soul, such the parasol lass so renders me to endure
For my frosty words were spirited away, and such did they need knitting
Here, here in the memoir of a forgotten winter’s lore

Chastity fonder it’s silver white bells
Yet alas, summery and comely Echo wails

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