Little Vladimir

April 27, 2012
By Brian Pouy SILVER, West Orange, New Jersey
Brian Pouy SILVER, West Orange, New Jersey
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Do you remember what you learned as a child, little Vladimir?

‘Cause you control Mother Russia with the ethics of a buccaneer.

I don’t think your dear babushka would be beaming with pride

If she knew your government stole, cheated, and lied.

Who said that you could retain control of the Kremlin

With actions as mischievous as those of a gremlin?

What warranted the shirtless tiger hunts, the motorcycle rides,

The karate chops, and the skinning of animal hides?

How about some modesty? I’m sure Russia could use some.

After Joseph Stalin, she doesn’t need another narcissistic bum.

Is it a selfish phase that just
never wore off?

If it continues, babushka will continue to scoff.

It’s as if you’ve turned all your childhood lessons upside-down,

Little Vladimir, no wonder you always seem to frown.

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