Sonnet I

April 17, 2012
By justimagine SILVER, Tampa, Florida
justimagine SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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Dark days and silent nights
Anguish, despair, & shattered dreams
I long for the days of these wistful plights
To end their forlorn seams
Life… a storm of emotions
Fire raging fury, tears flooding torment
The earth shaking from fear, these potions
Of lies and broken promises have no extent
Shattered on the floor, pieces with no resent
Cackles, Laughter, Cruelty from within
They don’t give up, they make you give in, repent
Remorse, regret what are these words? Original sin.
These days of despair feel mundane and eternal
But soon enough these moments will be ephemeral and spent infernal.

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