Child of the Night

April 20, 2012
By Sprite123455 SILVER, Brooker, Florida
Sprite123455 SILVER, Brooker, Florida
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You can never have too much food :)

Your handsomeness exceeds all in sight,

People lay eyes on you and start to stare.

Your ruby red eyes twinkle in the light,

No one knows of your powers and fangs you bare.

Ominously you glide through the room,

Your inky black cape flows softly behind.

Your fateful plight does not bring you much gloom,

No, it brings you sovereignty and a calm mind.

Your senses heighten to capture your prey,

Your fangs pierce skin and taste sweet blood flow.

Quickly you shove your victim away,

This is not right and not how your life should go.

You see your life in a new found light,

You are a vampire a child of the night.

The author's comments:
We studied Sonnets in my English 2 honors class a while back! We were challenged with writing our own sonnet. Vampires seemed like a great topic, sorry people, no sparkling! This is a classic vampire!

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